This is me

My skill set

After Effects65%
Coding (C++,php,JS)40%

Hey there! It’s Chris!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I hope you liked it so far 🙂 I am a Jack of all Trades and try to learn everything I find interesting. Over time, this website grew with me, it started 1995 and was my first attempt in HTML. So this is I think the 10th version. Unfortunately most of my old content is lost in the past, but it was only in German anyway 😉

It is always hard to find the right words when it comes to describe yourself. So I decided to steal them from a very amazing artist:

I sometimes may act like a fool, or totally geek out about something. But that doesn’t a moment limit my professionalism! My strength is to “think around corners” so come up with ideas and new ways to do things, often way ahead if the time. Since i spread my interests very far I am able to connect topics that usually don’t connect. As an example: I love to use After Effects of Photos, when i need to add some special flavour. Usually it’s only meant to be a tool to edit videos, but video is just a ton of images in a row right?

Photo and 3D Model NOT taken or created by me, I just did the post work

If you need help with Marketing, or a creative Photographer or Cinemagraph, feel free to contact me anytime.