Slave Leiy by Ivy95

I found the DeviantArt pagy of Ivy95 by accident and really was amazed about her style and her look. Especially the face is what captured me, and until now, I raelly can't tell you what it is.

I think it might be this serious lokk on her face that captured me. Most cosplayers try to act as cute as possible and it gets boring after a while. So I thought it was really great to see someone with a different approach to the cosplaying, and I think her gally really needs a lot of fans more..!

Bio of Ivy95

Unfortunately there was not much to find out about her on der Deviantart Page, and abviously, she doesn't have a Homepage or Website... Hmmm, maybe I should contact her, and ask if she's interested in having one? 😀 Here is what I got:

Favourite Movies

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings

Favourite TV Shows

The Walking Dead, Smallville

Favourite Bands / Musical Artists

Guns N Roses

Favourite Books

Lord of the Rings

Favourite Games

Tomb Raider

So, if you enjoy her content as much as I do, feel invited to visit her gallery on Deviantart and follow her on her Instagram Blog 🙂

Slave Leia Gallery


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