Get AC4 Black Flag running on PC in 2024 and above

Well, if you are like me, and have seen the latest Ubisoft "fuck up" with Skull and Bones, you might be interested in playing Assassin's Creed 4 - Black Flag again. When I booted up the game on my 32 core processor in 2024 I noticed it was freezing every few seconds. Tabbing out of the game to the desktop and back in fixed the problem, just to have the game frozen again about 12 seconds later.

The Problem

Fear not my friend, the solution is pretty simple. AC4 wasn't designed to run on a processor with a ton of cores, so it gets confused when waiting on the last core and freezes. You can fix this effortlessly, here are the steps:

The Solution for Black Flag

  • Start the game
  • while the game is running, open task manager
  • jump to the details section
  • right click on AC4BFSP.exe (should the the one at the top)
  • go to affinity (Zugehörigkeit in German)
  • scroll down to the last core and deactivate it
  • hit OK

You are done - happy hunting 😀

Unfortunately, you have to change the core setting every time you start the game, but you still can play it 🙂


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