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On this website I will share my mind, my work, my philosophy and my interrests. You are free to participate if you want to.


If you are one of these easily offendet social justice warriors, but netter leave this page as long as you can... parts of my mind and midset might sound disturbing to you 😉

With that out of the way:

I like to show stuff I am interested in, and offer my mind about them. I strongly encourage every visitor to become part of an discussion.

Personally I hate what social media did to the Internet, so from 2020 on I will mainly use them to drive traffic back here. People who are interested personally will engange, the rest of them... meh - I am pretty sure i can survive without them...


my content, and may the Foce be with you 😉

This is one of my 3D rendered images. As you can see, i am quite a fan of readheads, and yes, that collar is an exploding one....

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