Reinstalling Software on Windows

So, you had to install windows new on your machine, and now the utterly boring part of reinstalling all your stuff is waiting for you. No need to feat. Windows now comes with Winget a powerful tool that helps you to install and update all your crap. To make things really simple, I created a Batch file for you, installing the most commonly used tools and program for your operations. Below the download button, you find a list with all the tools that batch will install for you.

Important Step - Preparations

Before you can run that batch, you have to make sure Winget is on the latest version.

  • For that, open your console by hitting Windows Key + r
  • In the popup, type “cmd” without the “
  • On the console type “winget upgrade” without the “
  • Wait for it to finish
  • Close the console
  • Download my batch, put it somewhere on your Desktop and double click it

List of tools

  • NanaZip

Powerfull and free archiver tool

  • FastStone

Amazing Image viewer with tons of tools

  • ShareX

Best Shroonshot & Sharing tool

  • OBSStudio

Screencapture your Monitors, stream Video

  • Firefox

Best Browser in the wolrd

  • Thunderbird

Best Mail tool in the world

  • Beeper

Alls your Messengers in one Tool

  • Spotify

Music Stream

  • PowerToys

amazing Adons for Windows

  • VLC

best Video Player

  • Notepad ++

best editors and coding tool

  • Discord

horrible Voice Chat, but somehow everyone is using it

  • Bitwarden

best Password Manager

  • AdGuard

AntiAd on operating system basis (undetected by browsertools)

  • DeepL

for translating shit

  • Anytype

BEST notes app around, fuck Notion!

  • YubikeyManager

You really should get a YubiKey - goole it!

  • VirusTotalUploader

Check every stuoid file

  • HandBrake

Best tool to rerender videos


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