Samsung animated Wallpapers

Samsung has a wonderful tool, that helps you to create amazing animated wallpapers. It's part of the GoodLock Suit and it's called WonderWall. To use these wallpapers here, you need to have Wonderwall installed, and opened at least once.

Installing these Wallpapers

Unfortunately, Samsung hasn't integrated a "Share" option in Woderwall. So until they added an export and import, you have to do a little hustle.

  1. Connect your Samsung Phone to your PC using a USB cable
  2. Access your phone via the file explorer
  3. navigate to this folder: Android\data\\files
  4. Copy the wlf you downloaded here into this folder
  5. Unplug your phone, and open WonderWall - you now have the new Wallpapers to choose from.

First Wallpapers to download

All other downloads you can find on this new Samsung Wallpapers page.

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