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The Saboteur not launching

When i wanted to play "The Saboteur" the other day I noticed that it wasn't launching with Windows 10 anymore. It's great that Electronic Art sells games on Origin and doesn't even give a shit about if the game is running or not...

So I googled a bit, and after a while I found a solution how to fix the start file. Actuelly it's poretty simple, so i wonder why the publisher isn't doing anything. To make it simple, i zipped a replacement file. just rename you old saboteur.exe into saboteur.bak and copy the one from my folder in.

Happy gaming... again 🙂


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Man, it’s working! I just hope, that its not some virus or something like that 😀


Thank you so mutch guy!! The only other solution required me to throttle my CPU just to play a game… Thanks to you, I can play without worry.

seve b

dude, thats awesome thanks!

also, for others, ive been able to run in 1440p, just remember to set the refresh in the options to 60, otherwise it will default to game minimum video options.


Damn… Dude’s the best. The only who found an easy solution. Thanks, bro

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